Fun Tooth Brushing Facts That Can Help You Know a Little More

As you may already know, brushing is important for your smile and oral health. This is why your dentist, Dr. Joseph Kayne, strongly encourages you to brush twice a day for two minutes each time. To help you know a little more about brushing and toothbrushes, our dental team is... Read more »

Focus Your Oral Health Care on Oral Cancer Screenings

One of the most important oral health care treatments you can receive is an oral cancer screening. Oral cancer affects large swaths of the population and can often arise at any age. Every year in the US, over 40,000 citizens will be diagnosed with oral and throat cancers, which carry... Read more »

Trick or Treat: Sugar and Your Smile

Trick-or-treating time is here, and with it comes copious amounts of sweet treats. These can bring a smile to anyone’s face! But do you know how to take care of that smile when eating all those sugary goodies? First, remember to eat all sweets only in moderation. This will benefit... Read more »

Our Treatment for Gum Disease Can Keep Your Smile in Top Notch Shape

When you flash a healthy, beautiful smile you are showing off not just your teeth but your gums. Both are required to have an appealing smile without issues. So what does it say when gum disease is still prevalent when it comes to oral health today? How does this happen,... Read more »

Dentistry Topic Data Blog: Chewing Gum

Are you affectively employing all potential oral health care treatment options available to you to improve your smile? Did you know there are some life hacks involved with numerous substances in your life that can help aid and assist your teeth and gums? One little-known benefit that can improve your... Read more »

How CEREC® Dental Crowns and Fillings Can Make Your Life Easier

CEREC® dental crowns and fillings are the way of the future. Why is that? One word: convenience. After all, why have two dental appointments when the same work can be done in only one? If your oral health care requires that you get a crown or filling, choose CEREC. Here’s... Read more »

Improve Your Oral Health with Oral Cancer Screenings

Did you know that according to the American Dental Association, over 40,000 people will be diagnosed with oral cancer every single year? If you wish to improve your oral health, be on the lookout for the common signs and symptoms of the disease, and visit your dentist for regular checkups... Read more »

A Fractured Tooth Needs to Be Treated by a Dentist

There are many things that can chip or fracture a tooth. While dental fractures can vary in severity you should never procrastinate having a fractured tooth treated by one of our dentists, Drs. Joseph Kayne and Eric Tidwell. As time goes on the textured surfaces of the dental fracture can... Read more »

Great Smiles are Possible with the Proper Toothbrush Care

If you aren’t brushing correctly, your smile will suffer for it. Try to focus on brushing at least twice per day for 2-3 minutes per session, and care for your toothbrush properly. treatments. Some helpful facts about toothbrush care include the following: - The perfect toothbrush has soft bristles with... Read more »

The Steps Required to Restore a Smile with a Dental Bridge

Are you excited but also nervous to replace your missing tooth with a dental bridge? If so, Dr. Joseph Kayne will do his very best to provide the best treatment possible. To help you feel comfortable and confident during your appointment, our dental team is happy to give you the... Read more »