Focus Your Oral Health Care on Oral Cancer Screenings

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One of the most important oral health care treatments you can receive is an oral cancer screening. Oral cancer affects large swaths of the population and can often arise at any age. Every year in the US, over 40,000 citizens will be diagnosed with oral and throat cancers, which carry a 5-year survival rate barely over 60%. Due to the dangers that oral cancer poses, it is important to always be on the lookout for signs and symptoms that are occurring. Common symptoms include the following:

– Swelling or thickening of your gums

– Rough spots, lumps, or bumps on your lips, gums, or other areas in your mouth

– Unexplained bleeding

– Heightened tooth/gum sensitivity with your mouth, including a loss of feeling or pain in areas of your head, neck, mouth, and face

– Persistent sores that do not heal within two weeks

– A sore throat or a feeling that something is stuck in the back of your throat

– Difficulties eating, speaking, and moving your jaw properly

– Ear pain

– Unexplained weight loss

– Changes in the way your teeth or dentures fit in your mouth, including how they interact with one another

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