Great Smiles are Possible with the Proper Toothbrush Care

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If you aren’t brushing correctly, your smile will suffer for it. Try to focus on brushing at least twice per day for 2-3 minutes per session, and care for your toothbrush properly. treatments.
Some helpful facts about toothbrush care include the following:

– The perfect toothbrush has soft bristles with a brush head that fits easily into your mouth.
– Do not share toothbrushes with other people, or cross-contaminate them by placing them near one another.
– Get rid of your toothbrush if showing signs of wear, and replace it every 3-4 months.
– A toothbrush is not effective if it has become contaminated, so remember to keep your brush clean when not in use.
– At no time should you ever store toothbrushes in sealed containers for extended periods of time.
– Older individuals or people who cannot effortlessly brush their teeth and gums should look into an electric toothbrush to make brushing easier.

Toothbrush treatments are necessary parts of your daily dental routines. For a cleaning and examination at Rock Canyon Dental at our dentist office in Provo, Utah, please book an appointment with Dr. Joseph Kayne and our team by calling 801-373-6362. Take charge of your oral health today!