Inspirational Dentistry: Tooth Hazard Risk Prevention

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Are you aware of common tooth hazard risks in your life? If you are routinely putting your teeth at risk, the chances are you may eventually suffer an oral accident or injury. Because of this, you will need to start assessing risk factors in your life and eliminating and targeting those conditions in which your oral health is strife for danger.

If you notice that your teeth are extra susceptible to dental damage due to lifestyle choices, you may want to limit those choices from your life. By wearing mouth jewelry such as tongue piercings or smoking or chewing tobacco, you run the risk of causing severe dental damage to your teeth, gums and tongue. Furthermore, be aware that participating in any high-risk activities such as contact sports can leave you susceptible to oral emergencies, so be sure to wear the appropriate safety equipment such as mouth guards. In addition, if you’re eating any products that are extremely hard or chewy, exercise caution when biting into them, or you could easily crack your teeth.

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