Oral Hygiene Improvements: Endodontics

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Are you aware that there is an entire field of dentistry designed to help repair teeth that have suffered severe dental damage? If a tooth has suffered damage to the inner workings of a tooth which is where the pulp lies, normally the tooth would need to be extracted. This is because the pulp is the life force of the tooth and includes its nerve endings, connective tissues, and blood vessels. However, through the use of an endodontic therapy such as a root canal therapy, it may be possible to remove the pulp and still allow the tooth to survive.

Endodontic treatments can save teeth that otherwise would need to be removed. In situations where teeth are severely damaged or broken, they will require endodontic surgeries to help extract the pulp and allow the tooth to function as intended. Without the use of an endodontic treatment, the tooth will need to be extracted, and a prosthetic would need to be put into its place.

Our dentists have received additional years of medical training beyond dental school to be able to offer endodontics to our patients. Endodontics save millions of teeth every year that otherwise would be lost or removed. In fact, it’s even possible to save a tooth with an endodontic therapy so it can last a lifetime.

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