What Causes A Toothache?

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Have you ever wondered what causes toothaches? There can be a number of causes, which may hint at a problem with your tooth or perhaps somewhere else.


One of the big causes is tooth decay. This happens when bacteria in plaque produce acids that eat away at the tooth’s surface, usually causing cavities.


Sometimes, your teeth can break or fracture. Teeth are not all that resilient to trauma, like falling and hitting something, but you may cause it by grinding your teeth or chewing something hard can cause fracturing over time.


At other times, an ache may hint at an infection. An infection developing in your tooth, tooth roots, or gums can lead to discomfort. Even an infection in the sinuses can send pain to your teeth. Your teeth are not in danger in this case, they are just the unfortunate victims of something else’s problem.


Food can get stuck between your teeth and cause discomfort. This can happen especially if you have more space between your teeth than average.


Finally, one cause is teeth growing in improperly. Teeth may come in at the wrong angles or not have enough room to grow, and they may push against other teeth.


Typically, a dentist is your best option for treating a toothache. You can try quick treatments such as rinsing with warm water, flossing, and taking an aspirin to ease aches. However, if the ache continues despite these efforts, come see our dentist, Dr. Joseph Kayne, for help.


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